You are on the aidmonitor.org platform, which was created on the basis of real volunteer experience in receiving and providing humanitarian aid. The platform was created both for large international organizations (for example, the Red Cross or the United Nations), and for small charitable organizations and volunteer headquarters.

Such organizations may register either as a donor or as a recipient. Donors are the primary providers of humanitarian aid, and recipients are those organizations that receive humanitarian aid from donors and pass it on to other recipients or provide it to the final beneficiaries (for example, regional military administrations, United Territorial Communities, NGOs, HF, etc.). Final beneficiaries are natural persons or a group of natural persons (for example, a kindergarten, school, nursing home, etc.), to whom the provision of humanitarian aid does not foresee its personal distribution.

How it works on the platform

This way of organizing the provision and distribution of humanitarian aid makes these processes transparent, as each step is displayed in the donor's and recipient's dashboard. The scheme resembles a necklace in which, after the first donor, each new recipient who receives humanitarian aid is added to the chain of supply, reporting and verification. The donor can see the remains of the humanitarian cargo provided by him in the warehouses of each individual recipient, as well as the entire network formed as a result of transfers to other recipients and final beneficiaries. No recipient report is possible without GPS verification from the place of receipt of the humanitarian cargo and without a corresponding photo report.

The platform automatically generates reports, sends 5-digit codes for digital signatures via SMS messages, which is similar to SMS confirmations of the banking system and complies with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The platform is fully functional and in the version for mobile phones as well. The app.aidmonitor.org application is designed for scanning QR codes, GPS verification, adding photos and video reports. This application works in tandem with the main platform, expanding and supplementing the main functionality.